Help needed - CT boat electrician??

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Help needed - CT boat electrician??

Post by Eddie » Wed Jul 08, 2020 4:11 pm

I'm battling to find an experienced boat electrician in Cape Town.

I started out using someone at Simon's Town but now I can tell that he is really technically (especially with the theory of stuff) clueless: can replace a wire with another new wire but whenever I ask questions about, for example, the usefulness of an ammeter (which I discover he doesn't know how to wire into the system etc etc) I don't get a coherent explanation. Ditto when I want to discuss a power budget (possibly a third battery, ie, a second house battery) and the use of solar etc he looks at me blankly and avoids the discussion ...

Being a complete newbie I took him at face value. The initial work was neat. The panel looks great but ... a bit of reading on a major cruising forum over the past 6 months opened my eyes to some stuff and when I ask him about it he doesn't know the answer etc etc. And electrics aren't like woodwork, where you can see stuff plainly. It involves the potential for fires, gases from charging batteries, for example, will a solar controller (my boat has a Nemtek but no solar panels yet) be able to "read" a battery if it works through an isolator switch? etc etc etc. All way above my pay grade (and his :( ).

So I need someone who knows his stuff and also who (or has an assistant who) is happy to go up the mast to replace my tricolour and anchor lights with LED's and to rewire them etc.

Does anyone reading this by any chance have any suggestions for someone like that in CT?
Eddie Haynes-Smart
Miura 30 Cape Town
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