[seamanship] Connecting to 220v shore power

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[seamanship] Connecting to 220v shore power

Post by Eddie » Tue Jun 30, 2020 2:13 pm

So, from another sailing forum I've just discovered that, as an uneducated newbie, I've been doing this all wrong.

Old (apparently wrong) procedure. Step ashore with extension wire in hand (unconnected on boat) and plug it in, while breaker is on, which it usually is, then with that wire in hand step onto boat and plug into boat end (breaker usually off but not because I've thought about it, just because that's usually where it is).

New (apparently better) procedure. Step ahore having confirmed that wire isn't connected to the boat side. Breaker off on the power pedestal. Plug in shore side. Leave breaker off. Step onto boat, Check breaker off. Plug in boat side. Go ashore and turn on pedestal breaker. Return to boat and turn on boat breaker.
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