[not sailing] Google vs Russia - values

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[not sailing] Google vs Russia - values

Post by Eddie » Mon May 11, 2020 3:08 pm

I know that I know very little about most subjects (engines, epidemiology, carpentry, actuarial science, conspiracies, neuro surgery, etc etc etc) and I know that I know only a little about a few subjects (some aspects of law - tax, corporate mostly).

Thus the following may or may not be true but it was on what seems to me a usually credible source (Daily Maverick) and so if it's wrong you can direct a nasty to them ...

"Google alone is valued at +- 2.5 times higher than Russia's entire stock market."

If true this is an astonishing idea :o

I wonder if a whole country can suffer from "small man syndrome"?
Eddie Haynes-Smart
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